About Us


One of the major advantages of a business lawyer is in-depth knowledge of the business of his client. Our competitive advantage is based on this assumption such an approach is distinguished us and we are building our law firm on this concept. In the opinion of our customers, which we attach great importance to, well-written contract, effective tax advice, or any other well-legal service provided is rooted in the understanding of what they deal with every day. We are proud to receive from Them references, examples of which we present.


Passion is another component of the success achieved jointly by the customers and our Law firm. We have passion forachieving business goals or winning cases, the most important is effectiveness. The same applies to the simplification of reality, including the legal situation of our clients and adding value to people’s lives and businesses. In addition, we are passionate about what is happening in business of our clients and around it.

Marcin Pałucki and Jacek Trusiński along with the entire team.