We support our Clients that create both popular entertainment and entertainment addressed to a more demanding audience, i.e. producers, promoters, artists, authors, event organisers, presenters, journalists, models, agents. Within the scope of this specialty area we draft and negotiate among others the following agreements:


  • between record companies and artists,
  • between agents and artists,
  • on artist’s image commercialisation,
  • sponsoring agreements,
  • among band members,
  • with promoters,
  • in respect of concert organisation and participation in concert tours,
  • in respect of exploitation of artistic works,
  • distribution agreements


  • on film production financing,
  • on purchase of screenplay rights,
  • with screenwriters, directors, operators and other artists engaged in the process of film production,
  • on film production insurance,
  • on film studio lease,
  • on post-production works,
  • distribution agreements,
  • with TV broadcasters.


  • on purchase of rights necessary for TV production,
  • on co-production,
  • on TV production financing,
  • on sale of production rights and license agreements,
  • figure commercialisation agreements,
  • distribution agreements


  • with persons involved in theatre production (actors, director, writer, composer, musicians etc.),
  • financing agreements,
  • with a producer


  • with authors,
  • printing houses,
  • distributors,
  • persons responsible for the technical part of preparing paper and electronic issues.

Within the scope of the above services our Clients receive our tax support, through skilful planning and presentation of tax duties connected with the conclusion and performance of the aforementioned agreements and including of provisions therein that optimize the amount of taxation or the deadline for tax (taxes) payment, taking the necessity to provide for tax security into account.


Fashion law is a law specialization – developing also in Poland, which interests cover Polish fashion industry. Within the scope of legal services devoted for this sector we support: modeling agencies, fashion houses, cloth manufacturers, fashion shows organizers and fashion, jewellery, accessories and applied art designers as well as photographers and graphic artists, among others.

Within the scope of our legal practice we render, among other things, the following services:

  • comprehensive legal services of fashion shows, fashion and clothing fairs and other fashion related events
  • current consultancy for the fashion industry clients in matters related to pursuit of business activity in the of art. and fashion;
  • security of property and personal rights of a fashion industry participants;
  • drafting and negotiation of all kind of contrats relating to fashion industry.

Within our tax practice we provide additionally:

  • introduction of tax-effective solutions relating to incomes received by natural persons conducting creative activity or activity connected with fashion;
  • choice of optimal tax structure for investments made by natural persons conducting business activity in fashion and art industry;
  • determination of correct amount of VAT due for goods and services sold and rendered in fashion and art industry.

Mice / Incentive

Our law office provides comprehensive legal services to public meetings, incentive trips, events, public events, and special such as fashion shows, concerts, cultural events, corporate events, picnics, promotions, events, training and sports events.

As part of our practice:

  • We advise in organizing the above-mentioned projects;
  • Design and negotiate agreements, including sponsorship;
  • We mediate in contracts with the insurer;
  • We secure the property interests and personal organizers;
  • We claim compensation for improper performance of the contract and breach of contract;
  • We develop regulations events;
  • We prepare draft proposals addressed to public administration offices and represent clients in dealings with the administration;
  • We prepare legal opinions related to the organization of events;
  • As part of these services, our customers receive tax support.


In respect of legal services to the advertising and marketing industry we support among others advertising, PR and event agencies, and publishing and media houses, DTP studios, interactive, Internet and sponsoring agencies.

Within the scope of our practice:

  • we draft and negotiate all agreements connected with development of an advertisement, such as e.g. on providing advertising services, purchase of copyrights and image rights, on the purchase of advertising time and space,
  • we draft and negotiate sponsoring contracts,
  • we advise on the admissibility and legality of advertising contents (comparing advertising, advertising in respect of alcohol, tobacco products, financial services, pharmaceuticals),
  • we secure the interest of advertising tender participants, including in particular copyrights to concepts,
  • we advise on organisation of lotteries and competitions.


Key issues we deal with in this area of our practice are among others:

  • drafting agreements and then participation in negotiations with bidders in all areas of enterprises’ business: to start with preservation of continuous operation, repairs, through issues connected with logistics service, including a railway siding service, to end up with trading and water and sewage management,
  • providing legal opinions in all issues connected with Client’s business (among others hazardous material and waste management, including asbestos, water and sewage management, REACH, labour under special conditions, environmental permits),
  • employment matters  – four-shift work system, special requirements in respect of safety due to the use of hazardous substances in the course of a production, representation during State Labour Inspection controls,
  • representation of clients before administration authorities – Railway Transport Office (service of a railway siding, railway logistics), State Fire-Brigade (Seveso II documentation, safety reports), Voivodship Environment Protection Inspectorate, District Construction Supervision Inspectorate (building permits – ROB),
  • industrial property rights – cooperation with the research department, legal coordination of research projects run by the Client, purchase of patented rights,
  • legal service in respect of investment processes conducted by the Client, including those co-financed from EU funds (PARP) and local funds (Nation Research and Development Centre),
  • development of legal environment for operation of scientific groups,
  • obtaining and amendments of integrated and water permits – cooperation with entities preparing documentation necessary to obtain environmental permits,
  • cooperation with departments responsible for traffic safety in respect of SEVESO II documents preparation,
  • transfer easement – representation of the Client as transfer entrepreneur in court disputes and negotiations with owners of properties on which transfer infrastructure is located (transfer pipelines).

Representation of tax payers in tax proceedings

While representing our Clients in all kinds of fiscal proceedings we always remember that the effectiveness of undertaken actions has to be accompanied by the care to make it possible for the entrepreneur to run its current business in an undisturbed and stable way to the greatest possible extent. We provide thus assistance and advice at each stage of tax inspection and during the whole proceedings, we co-create argumentation provided to the fiscal administration with the Client, we prepare necessary expert’s and legal and tax opinions.

If needed, we represent our Clients in court and administrative proceedings run before Voivodship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Advisory in respect of indirect taxes

Since a longer period of time participants of the commercial trading are perfectly aware of the fact that the thesis according to which indirect taxes are no burden for entities running business activity is false. It is enough to point to the link between VAT with upholding financial liquidity or of the excise tax with competitiveness of offers of producers and distributors of excise products.

Being aware of these interdependencies we help our Clients evaluate tax implications of the transactions concluded by them, we provide current advice, analyse international commercial projects on the tax level, we draft, amend and provide opinions on commercial contracts, we represent entrepreneurs towards fiscal authorities, we obtain individual interpretations of the Minister of Finance for them.

Current tax advice

An important way of providing tax advice to Clients is current consulting. During long-lasting practice we have gained the knowledge and experience in respect of the whole tax system and practice of tax administration authorities. This knowledge combined with understanding of specifics of the commercial trading and the needs of its participants allows us to effectively support our Clients both in tax and commercial matters. The services rendered by us have a practical dimension in everyday business of entrepreneurs increasing the safety of actions undertaken by them, decreasing the taxation level and facilitating enterprise’s operation.

Litigation and commercial arbitration

We represent Clients within the scope of pre-court negotiations, court proceedings run by ordinary courts, the Supreme Court as well as commercial and sports arbitration(asset-related claims, disciplinary matters).

We manage litigation risk and advise whether it is purposeful to enter into a settlement or to reject settlement proposals. We negotiate the terms of such agreements securing their execution and also optimising tax implications.

Moreover, we represent our Clients in disputes with public administration at the stage of administrative proceedings as well as court and administrative proceedings run by Voivodship Administrative Courts and by the Supreme Administrative Court.

Criminal and commercial and criminal and fiscal matters

We represent Clients as counsels in criminal and commercial and criminal and fiscal matters. Besides that, we provide advice to individuals and legal entities harmed by a criminal act. Key issues dealt with by us in this area of our practice are among others:

  • criminal and criminal and fiscal liability of members of legal entities’ bodies,
  • economic inefficiency,
  • violation of creditors’ interests,
  • violation of business secret,
  • fraudulence,
  • manager bribery.

Corporate matters

Mandated by our Clients we also draft and negotiate articles of association. It also refers to internal shareholders’ agreements as well as joint-venture agreements.

We support our Clients in winding up companies.

We register branches and agencies of foreign entrepreneurs as well as foundations and associations.

We advise on matters connected with companies mergers as well as with sale and purchase of shares or enterprises. Mandated by our Clients we carry out legal and legal and tax due diligence.

Commercial contracts

Mandated by our Clients we draft and negotiate contracts, both in domestic as well as in international commercial trading.

Our priority is always to combine and weight against each other two issues: on the one hand the drive for Client’s business goal and on the other hand securing of its interests.

While drafting contracts we always keep tax issues in mind.

Real estates, construction investments

We offer a wide range of services concerning real estate law.

We advise at the stage of legal due diligence, sale transactions, lease, tenancy and others.

We run cases connected with structuring the legal condition of real estates. We represent Clients in reprivatisation matters (particularly in connection with the provisions of so called Bierut Decree), in respect of adverse possession, return of a real estate and similar issues.

We have a rich experience in obtaining permits for real estate purchase by foreigners.

We successfully run disputes concerning execution of claims under preliminary real estate purchase agreements.

We represent both transmission companies as well as owners of real estates encumbered with facilities built on them, e.g. serving transfer of power and pipelines.

We obtain for our Clients decisions on development conditions and construction permits.

We draft and negotiate all agreements connected with the construction process, including those concerning designing, execution, supervision, guarantee in the investment process, engineer function as well as development agreements and premises sale agreements.

We also prepare tender procedures in this respect.

Each transaction is analysed and optimised by us respect of tax implcations.