We support our Clients that create both popular entertainment and entertainment addressed to a more demanding audience, i.e. producers, promoters, artists, authors, event organisers, presenters, journalists, models, agents. Within the scope of this specialty area we draft and negotiate among others the following agreements:


  • between record companies and artists,
  • between agents and artists,
  • on artist’s image commercialisation,
  • sponsoring agreements,
  • among band members,
  • with promoters,
  • in respect of concert organisation and participation in concert tours,
  • in respect of exploitation of artistic works,
  • distribution agreements


  • on film production financing,
  • on purchase of screenplay rights,
  • with screenwriters, directors, operators and other artists engaged in the process of film production,
  • on film production insurance,
  • on film studio lease,
  • on post-production works,
  • distribution agreements,
  • with TV broadcasters.


  • on purchase of rights necessary for TV production,
  • on co-production,
  • on TV production financing,
  • on sale of production rights and license agreements,
  • figure commercialisation agreements,
  • distribution agreements


  • with persons involved in theatre production (actors, director, writer, composer, musicians etc.),
  • financing agreements,
  • with a producer


  • with authors,
  • printing houses,
  • distributors,
  • persons responsible for the technical part of preparing paper and electronic issues.

Within the scope of the above services our Clients receive our tax support, through skilful planning and presentation of tax duties connected with the conclusion and performance of the aforementioned agreements and including of provisions therein that optimize the amount of taxation or the deadline for tax (taxes) payment, taking the necessity to provide for tax security into account.