Fashion law is a law specialization – developing also in Poland, which interests cover Polish fashion industry. Within the scope of legal services devoted for this sector we support: modeling agencies, fashion houses, cloth manufacturers, fashion shows organizers and fashion, jewellery, accessories and applied art designers as well as photographers and graphic artists, among others.

Within the scope of our legal practice we render, among other things, the following services:

  • comprehensive legal services of fashion shows, fashion and clothing fairs and other fashion related events
  • current consultancy for the fashion industry clients in matters related to pursuit of business activity in the of art. and fashion;
  • security of property and personal rights of a fashion industry participants;
  • drafting and negotiation of all kind of contrats relating to fashion industry.

Within our tax practice we provide additionally:

  • introduction of tax-effective solutions relating to incomes received by natural persons conducting creative activity or activity connected with fashion;
  • choice of optimal tax structure for investments made by natural persons conducting business activity in fashion and art industry;
  • determination of correct amount of VAT due for goods and services sold and rendered in fashion and art industry.