Individual Wealthy Client

Listening carefully to many of our Clients – people conducting business activity or managing companies – we created a service meeting their personal needs.

Our help in this respect concerns among others servicing transactions of purchase and sale of assets of substantial value (shares in companies, real properties etc.), issues connected with sensitive family matters, as well as taxes.

Our know-how and experience in respect of the Polish and international tax law allows us to offer Clients most effective solutions connected with optimising tax charges, reduction of the amount of paid taxes and recording the sources of the assets held. We also help to chose the most advantageous fiscal residency, we advise, how to allocate possessed assets safely, finally we develop tax-friendly investment strategies.

We also advise on providing safety to assets possessed by our Clients and their family.

While providing any services to Clients we remember about their safety. We also provide for the highest level of discretion. We attribute particular importance to establishing of long-term relations with a Client, based on trust and quality of our services.