Our values

EFFECTIVENESS – we are effective because:
we utilize all permitted laws and rules of professional ethics, available forces and means necessary to achieve the objective of the Client,
we are perfectly prepared for any tasks, meetings, court trials,
we are very familiar with our customers’ business environment,
if possible, we take an active part in the formulation of our customers’ objectives,
before undertaking any activity we always try to see its purpose,
we know how to set goals,
when we decide to act, we do it dynamically,
we always accurately analyze the case entrusted to us and responsibly, by weighing the chances and risks, evaluate the possibility of achieving the Customer’s objective
we ask ourselves and the Customer the right questions and consistently seek for answers,
we take care of our loyal and harmonious team, keeping in mind that each of its member is an individuality,
we are good at what we do and constantly learning, both as a team, and individually,
we are focused on creating solutions.


SIMPLICITY – simplicity for us means:
lack of unnecessary activities,
offering to Customers only what they need in terms of achieving the assumed objectives,
choice of adequate legal assistance appropriate to the real needs of the Client,
easy to assess remuneration formula of the Law Firm,
using the language understandable to the Client and effective communication,
simple structure of the Law firm and professional development path of team members.


VALUE – we give value because:
we accept and handle only cases in which the value received by the Client is higher than our remuneration,
each member of our team by giving of himself a lot, receives more in return.